By Nicole Marshall Sunny

There they are, walking down the path to the party. Why is Shannon with her and not me? I’m her roommate, I’m her best friend! I sit here looking through the window in the darkness. I turn on the lamp, yet where is the light? I feel so empty and alone. The darkness swirl round me, while I sit in the edge of the bed tapping my foot. The fog around the trees outside forms shapes. The clock ticks each time I blink and a hour goes by …

Where is she? It’s that stupid so called friend of hers getting drunk or something. I bet her friend’s been talking about me, and that’s why I’m not invited. I know it, she told Shannon that I’m crazy, that I’m a psycho. I’m not! The lights flicker, the curtains fly up and the wind smashes against the window, making me jump. All falls quite and then I realise I am shouting and that people can hear me through these thin walls.

They must think I’m mad.

I wake up and open the curtains , it’s morning. The heat from the sun fills the room. Suddenly I noticed all of Shannon’s stuff has disappeared; all that remains is a single bag, stuffed with clothes.

A knock on the door.

It’s her, that girl.

“I’ve come to get Shannon’s bag,” she says.

Her words resound in my head like a drum.

“She’s come to stay with me now.” I let her pass me, she takes the bag and leaves  with a smirk on her face. I look out the window and watch her climb into her car.

I’m angry. Shannon has gone to live with her! I’m her best friend. This girl has come along and stolen my best friend. She’s just replaced me.

As the clock strikes eleven hear them downstairs coming back from a concert down the road. I was suppose to go but decided there was know one to go with. I listen to their conversation, and it bores me so I reach for the shutter to close the window… but then I hear my name.

I open the window half way with a smile on my face. It’s  Shannon but she isn’t talking to me … she’s talking to her.

“I heard her yesterday, talking to herself. Saying she was going to kill you because you apparently stole me away from her.”

They all laugh and I hear their dreadful chant…

“She’s mad, she’s mad’.

I slam the window and my knees give way, I lie on the bed.

 The chanting drifts out of earshot as they walk away up the hill.

If they think I’m mad, well I’ll show them what mad really is.

I decide to take the rubbish out to take my mind off of things. As I throw it into the bin and begin walking back to the house, the lamp flickers in the distance over a brown paper bag. For some strange reason I walk towards the flickering lamp and pick up the brown bag. I open it and there it is in my hand. I know what I’m going to do…I take the paper bag and return like nothing has happened.

I plan what I’m going to do. By the time I’m finished they won’t be able to talk about me any more. When they pass my window I’ll do it…

At last I hear them again outside my window.

I pick up the brown bag and hold the black object in my hand.

I aim it at her, my best friend.

I refuse to think of the consequences and pull the trigger so fast I can’t hesitate!

I kill her, my friend, my foe.

She’s to blame.

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

4 responses »

  1. Darlington says:

    During the middle the of the story it got a bit boring, to improve add more adjectives to make it more interesting.

  2. Francis Dimpz says:

    Well done. Good story, bare adrenaline.

  3. Sidal Durna says:

    Nicole Marshall-Sunny’s tense story Roommate tracks a positive relationship that turns bad. The content of this story matches the genre of gothic horror since when things start to go wrong, the protagonist appears to go insane.

    The setting of this short Gothic horror story is quite dark, since the story opens with the main character sitting alone in a gloomy room. Also, the main character spends the majority of the story sitting alone looking out of the window. This might tell the reader that she is waiting for something or someone. Overall Marshall-Sunny creates a detailed setting that effectively sets the scene.

    One point for improvement is the plot twist, which doesn’t really make sense in this story since it was kind of predictable from the beginning and it wasn’t entirely unique.

    Finally, the character in the story was revealed imaginatively through her own language, enabling the reader to pick up on her insanity. Also, other characters were described successfully through the first person perspective and the reader comes to resent what they have done to cause the insanity of the main character.

    Overall Roommate is an enjoyable story and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a mix of reality and horror in their fiction.

  4. Helin says:

    Great story. I found it very fascinating and fun

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