By Felix Feldman

The last of the sunlight died and night time invaded the sky. The moon burned bright and I knew it was time. Time, running out of time. Shadows suffocated me as I swept the hall and old men watched me from their windows in the wall. They never move, always watching me.

 Aha! There lying on the floor. Alone in the room. The door slams shut, darkness swallows the room. I approach him slowly, I know his power. He has haunted me for seven years. Seven years I have spent stuck in my room, alone. But not any more. His taunting aura draws me ever closer; he lets out a muffled cry in terror, I think. He hits the ground  with a thud. And again. And again and again… Fifty times I throw him against the floor, but he will not die. I scream. A slither of moonlight snakes down onto his face as he shows me what he showed me all those years ago.


Death all over, blood, brains, hearts. Death. Then I see it. He is reaching out trying to pull me into his terrible world. I run, keep running, don’t stop, he is following me I can feel it. The cold stones cut my feet, the trees reach out to grab me. Running! Everything is a blur around but still I can feel his icy hand on my shoulder, will I ever escape him. Yes! I am flying threw the night like a bullet from a gun, I am away. But I have fallen, smash into the ground, lost, alone. The night has consumed me. Wait! I hear it; he has found me I am sure. He has me trapped.

“It’s not my time to die!”  I scream at him through the darkness.

He does not stop –

“Leave me alone!” I shout.

But still I feel him creep towards me. There he is, bleeding out of the darkness. I shut my eyes preparing to die…

I’m alive!

All I see is a hairy beast stroll past me, a dog in the night. Hah! I have escaped his clutches. He can not kill me, I tell myself.


I was wrong. There he is, at my feet staring up at me. The wind blows and he shows me something new. On his last page, the end, it is over, he has won. This book has been my enemy for years and now he plunges his weapons into my heart, over and over again, chopping and slicing until I finally say goodbye.



About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Na'Imah says:

    You have used short sentences and short paragraphs well to help create tention . However I don’t understand your plot twist.

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