By Kasiah Watson Blair

They, those ones ones who live in the city. They look for me, but me – I’m too smart, too… too clever for them! I run! I run! I run! Too fast for them. But why do they chase me? Everyone must know he planned to kill everyone. No matter I have no need of them. Too smart, too, too clever for them!

Cleverly, I hide in the forest. It’s a very big forest. I think it’s a…It’s a…rainforest! That’s what they called it. I heard them talking, saying they won’t find me in the rainforest! The rainforest is so mystifying. There are no leaves, no plants and no animals there is only death. They will never find me amongst ash and death.

Never, never, never, never, never! Never!

They will find me eventually.

No they won’t!

I will hide amongst the dead trees. With the dying animals.

Wait what was that! I heard a twig.

Have they found me?

No! They can’t find me here. I’m too well hidden here. They can’t, they won’t find me.

Wait there it is again like someone’s moving. Come out now!

Oh it was just a bird. I will have that bird for dinner.

 Wait I can still hear a noise.

It’s probably another bird. I will catch and have it for breakfast tomorrow.


How did they find me?

I was being clever; I was too smart for them. How can they have caught me? They don’t understand me. Understand why I had to kill him, why I had to rid his presence from the world. They are the ones who are mad. Not me! They think I’m mad but I have perfect health. They must understand I did it to save all of them. He was planning too kill everyone. I saw with my own eyes that he was evil!


I will run and keep running, never stop, run, run, run. I will escape across that river; I will swim to the other side.



On Monday 18TH a murder suspect died in the small town of Summersborough. The man, who was thought to be criminally insane, was suspected of killing an unknown man and stripping the skin off his corpse.

The murderer tried to escape from three police officers across a river. The attempt failed and the man was impaled on several sharp stones down stream.

His identity has not yet been revealed.


About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

2 responses »

  1. Michaela says:

    well done, you have repeated words and used lots of big words,

  2. -JusDatGuy- says:

    Good short sentences. Adds effect.

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