By Yaren Kaya

As I crept through the abandoned graveyard, the floor crushed from the dead leaves. The ascending darkness and the constricting fog blurred my view.  The lifeless trees looked upon me as if to say ‘Stop’! Don’t go! What was that?! I turned sharply, ignoring it. The owls cried, the dead awakened and the lifeless soil screamed STOP! But nothing stopped me from creeping steadily to the grave where once he sat… Where once he sat down talking, smiling and waving at people who went passed.  Yes. It was under that tree, the tree that looks like a gigantic spider, creeping slyly through the darkness. It was there, empty of life, looking drearily. What was dreary? I knew what it was, I was feeling it now. I stopped with anger, staring at the roses which were once red now grey and dull. 

You came home with red roses in your hand everyday. My worst days and my best days were with you. Your one word and smile took all the misery out of me. You were the fittest man in town, most of all, YOU were mine. But then… But then you ruined it!

How dared you do this to me? When I gave you my all and you gave me nothing but harm. You deserved not to see another day, another sun set or another day turn into night! Every breath you took was every breath that suffocated me, more and more as days went past… You deserved to be beheaded!

Every moment that you screamed for me to stop gave me pleasure. It was a thrill to tear your body to pieces! First your nails and fingers, that you used to touch other women.  Ha ha! The sight of your blood everywhere made me even more blood-thirsty, as if I was a vampire. It was not my fault. It was all yours. You wanted this; you knew that I saw nothing but you. I licked the sweat off your forehead. It tasted… it tasted salty.     

Time passed so slowly, as if the clock was the witness of my sorrow. I heard, I suspected and then I knew that your eyes didn’t see what I saw. Your eyes saw nothing!

At the end of it all, do I deserve to be trapped within four walls, waiting for the day, the day where I will see daylight again?

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

2 responses »

  1. aaron says:

    He deserved it.
    hehehheehehehe heheheheheheheheheheheheheheh

  2. Leticiaa' says:

    Fantastic story. Well done!

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