By Michaela Bazzoni

What did I do? I did something I shouldn’t have. Why? I don’t know, I over-reacted, but don’t worry, I’m not mad or anything. I never meant to hurt anyone, I just thought what I did was best. It wasn’t my fault, it was theirs. What I did, they deserved. Okay, if you really want to know fine, FINE! Here it is:

I walked through the dark, mysterious, menacing graveyard, and my heart trembled. I saw my beloved, with another woman. Was this what I suspected? Was he cheating? A few moments later I walked closer, to see that he was walking away, slowly. I stopped. I stared. I wondered. It was her! It was our neighbour! I knew it… He always smiled at her. He always invited her over, without my permission. Ever since her husband had died, she’d come over for tea, for dinner, even to stay for the night. Ever since she moved to the house last year, I hadn’t dared look at her.

My heart beat faster than ever. It beat like a thousand drums. I don’t know why….I was not mad! I decided to do what I should have done weeks ago. She would suffer the amount of pain I had. The evil demon inside me took over…

It was midnight and the clock was ticking louder than ever, quicker than ever. Cautiously, I snuck into the kitchen, grabbed the largest kitchen knife I could find, and scurried down the hallway. The floorboard creaked; I paused, to disguise my tiny error. A second later, I ran into the spare room, where the ugly imbecile lay. I ran to the bed . I slashed. I smiled. Her greasy blood covered the pillow. Her eyes turned yellow as the sun. Her fingers were as skinny as her legs and she smelt like fish. She was dead, deformed.


Who was this wrinkly woman in the bed? I opened the drawer beside her, and saw a picture. It was her! It was his mother! I had killed my mother-in-law!

I ran out of the room, along the corridor and out of the door. I threw away the knife and ran…and now you see I’ve found my way here, officer. This trail of destruction must stop here. Lock me away!

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

5 responses »

  1. Kasiah says:

    You could of come up with a better description for the
    “wrinkly woman”

  2. Jourdan says:

    good use of tension however your description of characters needs to be better

  3. Sarah Da Silva says:

    Michaela Bazzoni’s My Tale is a Gothic horror story about a woman who commits a terrible crime when she believes her lover has been cheating… but has she done the right thing? Has she killed the right person? Is she mad?

    Bazzoni uses tension very well in her story to make the reader want to read on until the truth is finally revealed and all the tension is shattered. A technique she uses to create tension is rhetorical questions. This is done successfully because rhetorical questions make us think about what is happening.

    This also leads on to the plot twist at the end. At the end of the story there is suddenly a change of ideas, causing confusion. This is successful because it really grabs the reader’s attention and it contributes to its Gothic horror genre. Moreover it gives a thrilling ending to the story.

    Another aspect that is used in the story very well is the language to convey madness in the main character. An example is the use of short sentences such as: “I ran to the bed. I slashed. I smiled.” This technique is effective in her story because it reveals the character’s madness as the story was written in the first person.

    Overall Bazzoni’s My Tale is an entertaining read and a great example of a Gothic horror story.

  4. Wiktoria says:

    FANTASIC story

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