By Tajsia Baptiste-Simon

Every time I walk another creak will appear. Everyday at the tenth hour, on the tenth minute, ten creaks will appear. They call me crazy; they say there is no creak, there is no sound. There is. I’ve tried to get rid of this irritating noise before but no, it stays and continues to pursue me.

Everyday I have to take this noise but not today. Today I’ll be waiting for it. The tenth minute of the tenth hour will come and once I hear the first creak there won’t be a second. So I’m sitting here on the floor waiting, just waiting for that creak to come. I watch the clock intensely, the big hand going slower and slower.

It goes past the 5 and suddenly gets faster and faster. Closer and closer to the 10.

Come on!

It’s getting there, it’s there…

The creak – where is it? Where is the creak? Where is the creak? Come on, don’t be shy, I’m not going to hurt you. The floorboards are silent…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I get up quickly. Why won’t the floor creak? Is it me? Did I do something? Is it because of… wait – or maybe it is them. Yes it must be them. It’s got to be them, who else could it be?

They do anything they want, I can’t stop them. I wish I could stop them but they won’t stop until they’ve made me go mad. No, no, no, no, no! I’ll shoot myself before I go mad, are you mad? I’m not mad. A deafening jumble of noise rises up from below.

What is that? I can hear something – shh be quiet!

There is still a jumble of noise –

Shh I said be quiet!

The noise lurks around gets louder and louder. My head pounds. I cover my ears with my hands in the hope of blocking out the sound but that just makes them angrier. A loud roar of random noise bursts into the room. I drop to the floor and crawl to the back corner of the room in hope to rid myself of the sound.

It doesn’t work. The sound is getting angrier and angrier and closer and closer. It’s getting closer and closer… it’s going to kill me alive. It’s going to kill me.


The sound has scurried away! I’m free! I’m free!

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Sarah Elizabeth Da Silva says:

    Well done Tajsia! Good use of rhetorical questions to convey madness of your character. Try to add a twist at the end of your story to make it more interesting and more like a Gothic Horror genre story.

  2. Aaron Owusu says:

    Excellent Review Tajsia. I like the way you added in rhetorical questions to leave the reader in suspense. Very Interesting. Well done 😀

  3. Aaron Owusu says:

    Amazing Gothic story The Creak by Tajsia Baptiste-Simon is about a person who is tormented by 10 creaks on the tenth hour and on the tenth minute of each day. The character becomes paranoid and can’t stand the sound anymore, so she then… I guess you have to read the story to find out what happens next.

    Baptiste-Simon uses short sentences to convey the character’s phobia of the ‘creak’. This can be seen when Baptiste-Simon writes ‘It’s going to kill me, AHHHHHHH!’ This shows the reader that the ‘creak’ alone makes the character scared. However, at the end Baptiste- Simon spoils the story by writing “The sound has scurried away! I’m free.” In my opinion I think this ruined the whole story, because it shows the reader that the character lived rather than leaving the reader in suspense.

    Baptise-Simon also uses personification to convey the character’s madness. This is evident when she writes “The sound is getting angrier and angrier”. The adjective ‘angrier’, which means displeasure and unhappiness in this context displeasure, shows the reader how scared the character is to the sound because it is getting angrier; using personification for the sound makes the reader infer that the character considers the sound to have human-like qualities, thus showing the character as mad.

    Lastly Baptiste-Simon uses the first person perspective to convey the character’s madness. This can be seen when she writes “Shh I said be quiet!”The verb ‘quiet’ shows the reader that he/she is so keen on hearing the sound that she wants all that is around her to be quiet and considering the fact that she is alone and is telling herself to be quiet proves to the reader that she is even more mad than before.

    To conclude, I recommend the marvellous Gothic Horror story The Creak by Tajsia Baptiste-Simon to anyone who enjoys interesting and unpredictable stories.

  4. rio says:

    I think it is very freaky though very good and good choice of vocabulary, well done

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