By Adrian Williams

Me?! Mad?! Ha! Surely you’ve got it all wrong. I am not mad. My condition is as perfect as a gem.

Once I had a nice life, with a 3 storey house and someone to share my life with… my only issue? The dark creatures that lurked in the shadows of my room. I’ll admit it; my nyctophobia is hard to control. Even though, does a fear like that really label me mad? I’m completely sane, I assure you. You’ll realise that for yourself when I tell you what happened.

In times now passed, as my loved one drifted off ever so slowly and quietly, I would go up into my…dark room and switch on the light. I did it swiftly and cunningly enough not to let my fear take over me. The room was then completely cleansed of the nasty, thick and pitch black darkness.

“Ha! Take that, evil doers!” I would say as they disappeared; but I would say it in a whisper- an ever so delicate whisper so my darling would not wake from her slumber. This had been going well until… there was a sudden power cut. My phobia kicked in instantly…

Huh?! Who was there?

 I turned back on my really long walk to see if someone was there, stalking me; but yet again, I saw…nothing; then again I was sure that someone was there. The constricting fog I was walking through was really holding me down like weights. It made me walk ever so slowly. Ah- ha! There it was again! That mysterious but irritating noise of crunching leaves…or was it the spines of skeletons unburied or dug up?

Where were the footsteps coming from?

Maybe…it was the trees, with their spider-like branches. They were coming to get me! I saw the sinister, pitch black, eerie looks they were giving me. It terrified me! Again, I looked back…nothing, again. Damn those nights! There was never a moment you would not hear a single snap, howl or crunch! And yet, it terrified me. I continued to walk towards an alleyway.

Oh, no!  I was being strangled by the darkness! I couldn’t breathe! I needed to move quickly before it was too late; but before I could move anywhere my torch flickered and I was being crushed by darkness. I was being devoured… ARGH!

“STAY AWAY FROM ME!” I shouted, rocking like a baby, “STAY AWAY!”

I began to punch at the demons but they kept coming back so I started using the coat rack at the side of my bed and waved it around vigorously but still nothing. Then I had an idea. I went on the floor and scavenged around to find my gun that was under my bed.

“Ha ha ha! I’ve got you now,” I muttered to myself.

I directed my gun at one of those demons and pulled the trigger… it went down in an instant. I grinned from ear to ear and started shooting everywhere. They didn’t see that coming!

Ha ha ha!

 They couldn’t escape my wrath… Then there was one… It was puzzled and scared, I didn’t care, and I pointed my gun…

Bang! In the fore head! But instead of hearing silence as I did previously; I heard a thud… that can’t be right! I snapped out of my phase and saw why there was a thud. Before me I saw…

My darling…

blood streaming from her fore head and life less.

 “No…” I said quietly. “NO!” I shouted. The blood kept pouring out like an endless supply. I knelt down to remove the hair from her face; her eyes… had no life in them…

They were as dead as death can be in general. I heard sirens…someone must have heard the commotion… it was what I deserved anyway after a crime such as this, especially since I’d taken the life of the person whom I’d loved all my life. I got up, walked to the door and opened it, my face showing remorse and the characteristics of a stone cold killer.

The police caught sight of me, searched the house and found… her body. I was taken here after that; do you still label me mad or do you understand the struggle I went through because of my condition?

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Timothy says:

    I will never shoot into the darkness again- great story!

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