The name’s Adkins, Adele Adkins.

With two incredible albums to her name, any new musical offerings from Adele c0me with high expectations attached.  “Someone like you”, the first song released by Adele since her celebrated album 21,will surely become a memorable hit. The second song she’s released, “Skyfall”,   came third on Radio 1’s prestigious Top of the Pops after just two days and has come with a real twist:  having been approached by James Bond producers, Adele been asked to come up with a song to appear in the next Bond movie, Skyfall.  Hence, as well as the deep vocals and pure piano chords that has become Adele’s trademark, in parts of the song there was an under track of the James Bond theme.

This commission was no easy task, as it required Adele to combine two completely separate musical styles within a single song but she did it, and in emphatic style.  Right from the beginning, when a brass section blows that oh-so familiar Bond tune closely followed with piano chords, up until the last, reverberating “Skyfall”, there is no doubt that Adele has created a beautiful, timeless classic.

The hints of James Bond within the music create a feeling of suspense that enables the listener to imagine Bond jumping out of a plane or doing some other hair-raising stunt, providing a whole different dimension to Adele’s music.

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Matteo Fernandes



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  1. Miss Thomas says:

    Congratulations on publishing your first review! I like the way you describe how Adele successfully merges her signature style with the Bond theme. Keep up the good work!

  2. lili says:

    I strongly agree with your review and great job in typing the article. The article looks and sounds like a real newspaper/magazine article. Also I like Adele and I thought that the beginning of the song is awesome.

  3. Emmanuel says:

    I am a huge fan of Adele but to be completly honest, this was a huge let down 😦
    I like the fact that she used the James Bond theme in her song but this isn’t the type of song she usually does. Her songs makes me feel really good but this song had no emotion. It also sounds weird (in my opinion) It was a huge let down.

  4. R-marni says:

    Good work Matteo!

  5. Shakiera.I says:

    Personally I think that this song doesn’t suit Adel’es voice and it sounds nothing like any of the songs that she’s written and sung. I highly disapprove of it.

  6. Teodor says:

    Excellent review, it was awesome how you commented about it. From your description it sounded cool to me even though I don’t like music. And I agree with you R-marni.

  7. matteomsf says:

    Emmanuel, I think that you have misunderstood the point of the song. The James Bond element is enhancing the music, not making it bad.

  8. Aditya says:

    Matteo your review was pleasing; I agree with fact that Adele is talented and will bring a new style, taste to this nation – no, to this generation. I strongly agree that Adele is a wonderful artist and I hope this continues. Your reply was also good, carry on the good work. PS Add more humour!

  9. Grace R says:

    WOW Matteo! This is amazing! I completely agree- Skyfall is a really good song. The way you described the piano chords for example and the way you mentioned how she had to merge her normal style with the James Bond Theme was realy successfull. I look forward to reading your other reviews.

  10. Emmanuel says:

    I think that this song is a great, however I dont think it really lives up to her previous songs e.g. soomeone like you. although I do quite like this new type of music shes doing. Its a great review Matteo and I think that you shown her new music type well, however I feel that the amount of praise is not correct. keeping you up to date, EAMON’

    • Emmanuel says:

      That’s not me.
      Just remember that!
      It’s Eamon.
      I think this song is rubbish!

    • matteomsf says:

      Eamon, I also think that “Someone like you”, is an incredible single. I can understand that you don’t think that this song lives up to it but if you look at the bigger picture, “Skyfall” has everything “Someone like you” has, and more!

  11. olga says:


  12. matteomsf says:

    I will do in future Aditya, thank you for agreeing with my point of view.

  13. matteomsf says:

    I can not understand how you bunch of critics can not appreciate the true beauty of this music. This is an AMAZING song!

  14. Amin says:

    I don’t know… it doesn’t sound like something in a James Bond movie…At least, in my opinion.

  15. sylvia says:

    Personally I think the song is quite catchy but I have heard better songs from this Artist-Adele -_-

    But I get your point Matteo …… Great job! =D

  16. Emmanuel says:

    I think that this is song is not Adele’s thing. Its not what I want to her from Adele

  17. EAMON' says:

    I think that this song is a great, although I don’t think it really lives up to her previous songs e.g. Someone like You. However, I do quite like this new type of music she’s doing. It’s a great review Matteo and I think that you have described her new music type well, however I feel that the amount of praise is not correct. keeping you up to date, EAMON

  18. Elijah says:

    I agree with Emmanuel: the fusion between old classics and modern pop isn’t always successful, leading to a very weird combination of music. Though I appreciate the fact of experimentation of music, sometimes it simply doesn’t work well.

  19. Gerad pique says:

    To get the best review spin 5 times think what a rhetorical question and the you will see a TROLL sign on your ceiling.

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