Edward Lear

While people can argue: who wrote the best love poems?  Who wrote the best haikus?  No one can argue with the fact that Edward Lear wrote the best limericks.  Limericks are a type of nonsense poem which where created in the early 18th century.  These are often humorous and have a strict AABBA structure.  An example of a limerick is this:

There was an old man of Tobago,
Who lived on rice, gruel and sago
Till, much to his bliss,
His physician said this –
To a leg, sir, of mutton you may go.

 As you can see, Lear uses witty and well formed lines to form a poem which, reading for the umpteenth time, still makes me smile.

Lear uses the specific structure to give a very short insight into people around the world’s life.  He does this by focusing on a specific aspect of that person’s life.  For example, he doesn’t go into detail about this person’s hair, or their family life, but he makes a short, quick summary of just one thing which makes up his subjects life.  This makes his poem very enjoyable to a reader who wants a laugh, rather than a serious matter which could possibly bore the reader.

As well as that, Lear uses different people’s nationalities to make every one of his limericks different, yet follow a very set structure.  He begins by writing of a person from a certain country.  He then proceeds to write about a problem that they face; usually something funny and trivial.  In his following two lines, he writes of a specific and surprising occurrence which solves his problems.  Finally, In Lear’s last line, he gives a very quick summary of the poem, or perhaps solves the problem in this line.  This is a really good thing as it inspires people to write their own limericks without thinking it is too hard.  Here is one I made up about my 3 year old cousin.

There once was a big* girl called Poppy,

Of whom there could be no copy,

When she was eating,

She needed high seating,

And when she was tired she went floppy.

Overall, I think Edward Lear is an incredible man who has done incredible things for English poetry.  So go on, write your own!

*As you may know, all toddlers insist on being big boys or big girls.


Matteo Fernandes

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