Megan’s collection

The Saturady’s Episode 5 -Styled to Rock

In the 5th episode of ‘Styled to Rock’ the designers were split into teams and set the daunting task of designing collaborative outfits for ‘The Saturdays’ to be used on their  calendar ,  based on the hourglass shape and 1950s style elements. The two teams took extremely different approaches to the task;Heide’s team chosing to do a flowing chiffon inspired look while Megan’s team favored pastels and more muted colours.

The flowing chiffon look was very eye-catching and also  successfully tied back into the 1950’s while still being modern.The colours where very vivid and attention grabbing which I think is very important for any design ,especially for a design to be used on a  calendar because the pictures need to persuade potential customers . Also the look is altogether very edgy and ties into their well established and well-known styles. The use of cropped leather jackets complemented the set of old motorbikes and made the shoot look more professional  on a whole.

On the other hand, Megan’s softer pastel look was nowhere near as captivating and could not match the striking colours used in  Heide’s design. The layering used between the soft

pinks and baby blues is effective and adds an element of uniqueness to the design however the colours and structure  make the design seem boring,even though this was the winning design. As the judges rightly said ‘Megan’s team should be the team to have to face the elimination room’.  Sure,the collection shows a high level of skill but would you be drawn to it from miles away ?

Na’Imah Laurent-Dixon

2 responses »

  1. Na'Imah says:

    What do you think ? Do prefer Heidi’s or Megan’s collection?

  2. toimaz says:

    Nice review, keep up the good work

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