The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time is a story Siobhan said I should write and is about me and my Asperger’s Syndrome and how I tried to find out who killed Wellington, who was a poodle who lived on my street. Soon after I questioned him about the dog and his owners, Mr and Mrs. Shears, Father told me to “stop playing this bloody detective game” and also that I couldn’t do the following:
– Mention Mr. Shears’ name in our house.
– Go asking Mrs. Shears who killed that bloody dog.
– Go asking anyone about who killed that bloody dog.
– Go trespassing in other people’s gardens.

This meant that I had to be clever…

What I didn’t realise is that the adults were all angry at each other, and all doing sex with each other, and all not talking to each other and that nobody wanted me to know about anything because I am a teenager with “Special Needs”.

I like my book because it is not like all the other murder mystery books I have read and Siobhan agrees with me. She said it is “original and really shows how someone with Asperger’s syndrome like you, Christopher, would think and feel in different situations”, but this confuses me because she was laughing when she read my book over. Maybe this was being friendly, like how Father says Rhodri is being when he laughs at me. I don’t like it and I don’t understand it, so Siobhan said sorry and I forgave her.

People have asked me what I meant when I said some things in my book, like when I was on the bus to school and I said I was “allowed” to close my eyes all the way to school. This was because I had had two Black Days in a row; this means I had seen four yellow cars on the way to school for two days in a row. I do not like Black Days because it means I have to be extra careful because there is a very good chance that something will go wrong, and this does not make me feel safe.
When I was going to France in Mother’s car, Mother drove at just the right speed and I could see the scenery. It was in the springtime so there were no yellow flowers and everything was clear, so there was nothing I couldn’t see and the wind felt cold but it also sounded loud, so I had to cover my ears. But I liked it and I said to mother that I was always going to watch out the window if I was in a car or bus (not a train because there is nothing to see when you are in a tunnel and the scenery goes past too fast and I can’t concentrate, so it makes me want to do groaning if I look out the window a lot). If I don’t do that It would be lying, so I always try to look out of the window.

If I have two black days in a row, then to stop me having another black day I am allowed to close my eyes. This does not count as lying because it is a white lie – I can make out the shades of light through my eyelids and this counts as seeing.

Siobhan thought that my book was very good and that other people should read it. I didn’t want everybody to read it so I screamed a lot, but after I went home I thought about it and I made a list of reasons why I didn’t want anybody to read my book, then list of reasons why it would not be a bad thing if my book was published and it looked like this:

  • Father will find out about everything that I did.  (Father already knows about everything that I did.)
  • Ms. Alexander could get angry with me because I did not tell her about my book.   (I could change her name and our street name.)
  • I don’t even want anybody to know about my book.  (That is stupid because I can also change my name and also the name of the places I have been to to other names. I could get well known and the British Space Program, or even NASA, could notice me and my achievements.)

So the next day I told Siobhan that I wanted my book to be published. I still haven’t heard from the British Space Programme yet, but Siobhan said that I might get noticed if more people read me…

Tarik Clavier

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  1. Tonery Canon says:

    Thankyou for helping out, excellent information.

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