Guild wars 2, the successor of the original Guild Wars, is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG), or as ArenaNet (The geniuses who made the game) prefer to call it: Competitive Online Role-Playing Game (CORPG). The original Guild Wars was set in a time when there were many fiercely competitive ancient rivalries; and they weren’t friendly.

In Guild wars you begin by creating your character, at release the only option was human so we’ll go with that. A human starts at Ascalon City, the main human city at that time. The humans had one very deadly rival -Charr- who intended to take over the area of Ascalon but not the city itself, and in which they succeeded…but not instantly! As soon as you arrive in Ascalon City you are free to do what you please! You don’t have to follow the quests, it is up to you, however ArenaNet recommended that you do follow the story as it’s the easiest way to level up. But this isn’t a review of Guild Wars, it’s a review of the much better, more updated and more realistic Guild Wars 2!

In guild wars 2 when you create a character, there’s much more variety when doing. Compared to the original Guild wars, Guild wars 2 has many more things to change about your characters complexion  from height right down to pupil size! We’re not finished here though. This is possibly the most unique thing about Guild Wars 2, after changing your characters looks you have a biography to fill in! Don’t worry, it’s easy, there are 3 choices for the questions about you. What you choose will determine your gear, starting point and maybe even aesthetic looks! As soon as you start the first thing you notice are gorgeous graphics!  Just as in the first Guild Wars as soon as you start you can do anything you like straight after the tutorial. This time there are no quests to follow so you are truly free to do what you like; this is arguably the most fundamental part of Guild Wars 2!

However since there are no quests there must be some objectives, these are called dynamic events. They are similar to quests and they are usually to help someone out in killing pests, enemies and even non-combat tasks such as getting rid of fires or encouraging farmers to do something, which could mean you never have to swing a sword, wand, staff or shoot a gun.

 Another important part of Guild wars 2 is PvP (Player versus Player). There are 2 types: Regular and Structured. Regular PvP is the usual no aids and no balancing, nothing to make fights fair. In structured PvP the game tries to balance everything, everyone is provided with the same equipment which means it’s purely down to skill and not the power of your weapon. The objective is to get as many points as you can over a 2 week long battle against other servers. The rewards are boosts such as XP and the like. You do not have to partake in PvP but neither do you have to complete the PVE (Player Versus Environment). Since PVE is not essential you need never kill anything but players and since player killing gets you XP (experience) it is a perfectly viable option! The final most crucial part of the game are skills you choose. In Guild Wars 2 you have 5 skills, 3 utility skills, 4 extra skills and one elite skill but you only ever have those spaces, which encourages people to choose wisely before a fight. An example could be swapping some utility skills for something that stops thieves from causing blindness (your attacks miss because of this) or disappearing from your screen. Overall Guild Wars 2 is an adrenaline-rushing, heart pumping action packed game with lots of thrilling and world class PvP… So why not give it a try? There isn’t even a subscription fee!

By Amin Boumerdassi


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  1. Samuel says:

    Awesome post, I mean it.

  2. matteomsf says:

    Im not so keen on the PVP

  3. Amin says:

    a truly… goose bump giving song! its used in the last level of the personal just have to stick around for a bit(featuring Asja Kadric)

  4. skepta says:

    Nice information about guild wars2

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