This impeccable sleeveless evening dress by Alexander McQueen made out of glass microscope slides and feathers, is an excellent example of an appealingly seamless design  where the individual elements contrast but also complement.

The dress that is a part of the spring 2001 Voss Collection captures and interprets the theme of Gothicism and dark glamour effortlessly while still possessing the very well known Alexander McQueen creativity and individuality. The dress seems to be inspired by eagles which many people associate with fear and indeed Gothicism.

McQueen seems to rap contemporary and dated designs into one so well that it becomes impossible to pick out which features belongs to which label. The shiny red microscope slides  that immediately captures your attention is complemented greatly with the enormous peacock feathers that drape down forming the skirt which also grabs you’re attention and stands on its own two feet.

Alexander McQueen, once again we don’t know how you did it.

Na’Imah Laurent-Dixon

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  1. themadchatter97 says:

    I am a big fan of Mcqueen and adore this dress. Your pieces are always a joy to read i particularly like your descriptive style

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