A ‘Crepe au Chocolat’.

The crepe is part of the quintessential French  experience, enjoyed and adapted all over the world. The grand tale of the crepe began in Brittany, France, as a rich persons food, or after dinner treat. The crepe then developed into an essential part of the Britanny diet, enjoyed by all. If you have never had the pleasure of tasting a crepe, imagine a delicious pancake , then add French atmosphere and cookery skill and you’l be something near what it’s like to be eating crepe in France. The rustic atmosphere of the of the typical French creperie is all you need to complete the ultimate crepe experience.

Crepe is the most one of the versatile foods in the world, savoury or sweet ,it goes with anything, from egg and ham to nutella with ice cream, served everywhere from the seaside town cafes to the Parisian restaurants. In essence this is the French fast food, healthy to the very end ,and definitely better than the stuff that we crowd under the golden arches for, this  really is finger likin’ good.

Crepe hold many memories for me, eaten on a rainy day, in a gloomy French cafe, to a sunny southern boulevard; held in an already chocolaty hand. They bring a large dollop of joy together with long lasting  gastronomic satisfaction. But enough of sweet, when a meal is what is needed, the gallette are by no means lacking in this department. The gallette kick starts any good Bretonne meal , providing a ready base for the delicious toppings layered generously atop it. Gallette are rich and fulfilling giving a long lasting sensation of contentedness, that I find nothing else can.


Typical Gallette Bretonne.

Louis Smith Landor

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  1. Louis,you have included a very detailed discription of why the crepe is an essential part of french cuissine .I like how you have writen with a very infomative tone.Also including your personal experiences. Well Done! and Keep it Up!

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