Lucy RoseLucy Rose has burst onto the British music scene with her debut album Like I Used To, and her success is no surprise; with her beautiful voice and haunting melodies, Rose’s music feels truly fresh. 

Rose’s incredible voice carries the emotion of each song perfectly.  In Middle of the Bed, for example, she uses her voice to convey regret about a failed relationship and the process of moving on.  Rose’s voice is soft and melancholy; it possesses a raw quality that in so many current pop stars is hidden behind a synthetic wall of sound.

In her songs, Rose uses a largely acoustic sound which lends her work a fresh quality and enables the listener to really appreciate the beauty of her voice alone; this approach also marks her out from current, popular pop stars, such as Lady Gaga and Nicky Minaj, whose music often heavily features computer generated effects.  It’s almost as if Rose is stripping away anything synthetic from the music and retaining just the essentials.

Another secret ingredient of Rose’s success is her ability to create stunning melodies that are easily recalled.  In her song Middle of the Bed Lucy Rose creates a catchy melody which she complements perfectly with guitar chords.  Her melody on its own suggests something sad, and this matches the mood of the lyrics.

Like some of the other songs from the album, Middle of the Bed focuses on relationships and Lucy explores this theme in a subtle way that will appeal to more mature teenagers and older listeners; however, younger listeners may struggle to understand the meaning of her lyrics as this is not always made explicit.

Although the acoustic sound Rose uses creates a divide between her and other artists, her style could be compared to Adele, as both singers use that trademark pure, raw sound that rarely is heard in current popular music. It is this, Rose’s “back to basics” approach, that makes her such an exciting addition to the British music scene.


Matteo Fernandes


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