LiftRecently, in class we were learning how to  use extended metaphors in poems. For anyone who doesn’t know, an extended metaphor is when you use a metaphor but use it throughout (in this case) a poem and not just for one line. Here is Matteo’s poem about how a lift represents the life’s journey and that you can come across many problems that can sometimes make you angry and can be difficult. But you will nearly always overcome them, just like when a lift goes down it always comes back up again.

My life is a lift,

Going to all levels,

Some good, some bad,

But then, occasionally,

One person presses all my buttons for a joke.

And I get angry.

Sometimes, there are too many passengers,

Pulling me down, I strain against the weight.

But then they get off and I am free.

Occasionally the repair man comes,

And I go whizzing wonderfully, wandering from my set path.

I am free.

At rare times, the vandals come,

They graffiti me,

They pee in me,

They swear in me,

And leave me feeling terrible inside,

All mixed up and confused.

But of course, I am a lift,

So I come up again,

Right to the top floor,

But it never lasts long,

As I am a lift,

And I go up, down, up down,





Grace Revill

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  1. toimaz says:

    This is really nice and very true and acurate to all our lives, nice one 🙂

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