twilight-breaking-dawn-part-2-posterAll the cinemas have been packed recently as a mass of twilight fans (me included) desperately want to see the last instalment of the Saga, that knocked Skyfall off the UK box-office summit. In this film we see Bella trying to cope with her thirst for blood as a newborn and get used to family life. However, all is not well as Alice soon has  a vision that could change everything… The Volturi are coming! As the Cullens try to gather witnesses and try to persuade the Volturi that Renesmee is half human and half vampire, a shocking twist occurs that is sure to get you on the edge of your seat.

With more realistic acting from the cast especially Kristen Stewart who performs amazingly as vampire Bella. As always the soundtrack for this film has been well thought out and really adds to the film as a whole. It includes classical pieces and ones with a more modern twist for example ‘Bella’s Lullaby’.

Although it has been critisiced recently for being anti-feminist it has  a stunning hunt scene, and a gripping battle scene and ensures that this film is sure to please all Twilight fans no matter what your age. I have been to see it two times and it never ceases to excite me. Bill Condon we salute you!

The film is still in cinemas, but not for much longer. So make sure you go and watch it!


Grace Revill

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  1. Being a Twilight fan myself I enjoyed the film and the way the plot slowly unraveled causing me to be on the edge of my seat.The twist at the ending was particularly enjoyable and unexpected. I had the urge to watch it again striaght away afterwards!

  2. lbarcomorgan says:

    As a Twilight fan, I found Breaking Dawn part to to be quite dissapointing. Yes it has many twists, but it has failed to give the book the justice it deserves. Some plot twists were just silly and not needed. It seems that that the director was more focused on making the film action-packed rather than bringing the book alive, after all, isn’t that what movies based on books are about? Recreating the books visually and bringing the excitement to life?

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