Bioshock cover artBioshock is a fast paced first person shooter (fps) set underwater during the 1960’s. The game takes you through the underwater city Rapture, after a freak plane accident portraying horror yet excitement combined with curiosity to give the player an awesome experience including stunning graphics and 3D effects. Bioshock tells the story of the dream of the Russian inventor Andrew Ryan who builds a city underwater with organisms called plasmids. However strength and brain tonics take effect resulting in people using them too much and becoming addicted, crazy and becoming known as splicer’s.

Some of the enemies include Splicers (However this depends on what type of splicer such aBigDaddys Houdini or Spider Splicers) or even Big Daddies. Splicers are people who have become brutally crazy and kill anyone they see. Although Big Daddies are relatively rare they are very dangerous and will attack if you attack them or their little sisters which take the ADAM out of bodies. (ADAM is what is used to power plasmids which are weapons that you shoot out of your hand such as ice or fire) If you kill the big daddies that means you can save or harvest the little sisters. Saving means less ADAM but a prize after three saves, or harvesting which is killing the little sister so you get more ADAM to use on tonic and plasmid upgrades.

WrenchThere are many weapons, and plasmids that can be used as weapons. Plasmids are a type of organic weapon that when used gives you the power of elements like lightning bolts, fire, ice and many more. Weapons are essential to survive in the crazy, freaked out world of Rapture where it is kill, or be killed. Some of the weapons include the wrench, pistol, chem launcher and more. It’s a fun game for those who like surprises or like horror and I would recommend it to anyone who likes horror and supernatural forces.

By Teodor Pelteshki

4 stars

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