By Tom Willingham

As I was walking home from work, happy at a good day’s salary in my pocket, I noticed a bed and other household furniture from the village craftsman floating down the river beside me as I turned back up the hillside along the old dusty track. “How strange,” I said to myself, for there was nothing upstream except for the hillside houses.

As I reached the town almost everyone was bustling about and calling out to one another. Suddenly one of the villagers saw me as they ran past and said “I’m so sorry.” At this I really started wondering what was going on. As I walked further up the hillside towards my house I noticed more debris in the reservoir. I continued walking up the path and it got more crowded until I turned the corner to see lots of people crowded round the front of my house. I was walking towards my front door when someone shouted at me to stop! “Shut up, it’s my house” I retorted as I walked through the front door into… nothing! As I fell I realized all too late that all but the front wall of my house had plummeted down into the reservoir and been destroyed, just as I too was about to be.

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