This black, gold, white and brown sequined dress is a very modern take on the quite old fashioned dresses with the high necklines. The sequins add an element of fun to what would otherwise be a very plain, simple and boring evening dress. With all the excitement of Christmas people often look for something fresh and modern that will last them the whole season round. For this sequins are a great option as they immediately capture the eye and glisten when you m0ve making them great for when you hit the dance floor


White, off the shoulder , sequined, christmas party dress.


As you can see sequins make a huge comeback at Christmas. Many party frocks are embellished with sequins to the point to where you can’t see the fabric underneath. Sequins are not for everyone, but there are few equally festive options: ruffles, lace and oversized chunky sweaters. The contagious Christmas spirit seems to drive people sequin mad, as virtually all Christmas dresses, shoes, bags and hats are decorated with gleaming sequins.

Don’t get me wrong, sequins are fun, festive and cool. It’s just that sequins seem to be taking over the old Christmas traditions of wearing red and white dresses. The change is welcome as Christmas sequins add to the cheer and the spirit of Christmas, on top of being rather fetching. Did you wear sequins this Christmas?

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