Valentine’s Day is approaching and romance is in the air. Having trouble finding an original gift? Well we can help. Everyone likes a homemade gift it, makes it more personal and shows that you really care; you don’t even have to be particularly creative to do it.

A great gift that is not only simple but also very effective is making a scrapbook of your memories together. You can put all sorts of things in this, from photographs to the tickets of movies or concerts you’ve been to together.

One gift that will test how well you know your valentine is a mix tape. You can put all his/her favourite songs on here and personalise the case.

You can’t go wrong with a card, though be sure to make it yourself and its always nice to partner this gift with flowers or a box of chocolates.

Its always nice to have a gift that lasts, so flowers just don’t cut it. Though an origami rose is a romantic gesture that you can keep for years. Interested? Check out the link below.
Connie Hatt

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