This passionate encounter was anticipated to be a match full of flair and eye-catching football. Previous battles between these two sides have brought us some of the most memorable premier league matches ever.

The fans were prepared, the Emirates was prepared and most importantly the players were prepared! The game kicked off and Tottenham started of the better team quickly scoring the first goal through Gareth Bale.however totthenham didnt give up and immidetiatly scored another goal through Aaron Lennon.
Arsenalcame out in the second half with purpose and threw everything at totthenham,Although totthenham were starting to do all of the defending they still managed to ; Arsenal immediately hit back when Per Mertascaer scored the goal for Arsenal with a good header from the penalty spot sending the ball straight into the bottom right hand corner and from there Arsenal didn’t look back.

Final score: 2-1

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  1. Gerad pique says:

    this is a troll match

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