Flowing valleys of white, cotton sheets surrounded me. My head lay resting on the fluffy white clouds I called pillows. My blurred vision turned my cream ceiling into a cloudy sky and my bedroom light into a shining sun. My blue drapes floated in the breeze created from the open doors leading to the balcony, the wave like motion reminded me of all the trips to the beach I had when I was a young child; my sandy coloured walls made the memories so much clearer.

A dark shadowy figure brought me out of my past to my shocking present. The lump was carving something into my walls with his blood stained knife. My beautiful reminiscing was destroyed by this heathen. I tried to focus on the writing but my eyes were too weak without my glasses. The cotton sheets were slowly turning red with my sticky blood. It was eerily warm. I thought back to all the summers I had, the summers where I played in the park, the summers where I stayed the whole day at a friend’s house, the summers where I went to foreign countries and didn’t understand anything around me.

My silky, red nightdress had turned purple a long time passed. My mind was distracted by the thoughts of all the times I walked into a table, or fell off my bike or tripped over my own two feet.

As I felt my mind drift off, I knew my life was floating away. The flashbacks of my life slowly got faster: my first kiss, my first boyfriend, my first job, my first promotion, my sixteenth birthday and the most recent memory, the memory which happened only moments ago, my boyfriend proposing to me, and when I said no.

The last thing I my eyes ever saw was the carving in my wall reading: I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!

Based on the song A Little Piece of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold

By Louise Barco-Morgan

4 responses »

  1. conniehatt says:

    Beautifully written, this is so descriptive and well written. And such an original idea to base this on a song.

  2. lorenzowebster says:

    Very Very very very cliched

  3. Lovely piece of descriptive and imaginative writing. Great idea to have it based on a song.

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