0419-boston-bombers-630x420On Monday 15th of April, an event occured in Boston which shook the world. The Boston Bombings. During the Boston Marathon, two bombs went off at the finish line, 13 seconds apart. With 3 dead and many more severly injured, This terrible occurence emmediately captured the worlds attention and emmediately questions arose: Why? Who? How?

Police started looking through CCTV footage, and asked the thousands gathered at the finish line to come foward with any evidence that they might have on their phones. Later that week (on thursday evening), there was reports of a 7/11 store being held up and robbed in the outskirts of the city. A watchman from a nearby campus university came to investigate and was subsequently killed. After hearing reports of this, the police put 2 and 2 together and decided that these had to be the two main suspects. A breif look at the CCTV records at the store and at the marathon showed that the two men who robbed the 7/11 store were also present at the finish line of the marathon.

While the police were making these connections, the two suspects, now identified by the police as Tamerlan Tsarnaev (26) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (19), had hi-jacked a passing Mercedes and were attempting to make an escape out of the city. The police caught up with them and a high speed car chase ensued, resulting in a shoot out and the Tsarnaev brothers launching explosives at the police. In this highly dangerous gun fight, the older brother – Tamerlan – was killed. Somehow how Dzokhar Tsarvaev managed to get away. Although the police managed to narrow down his possible location to a place called Watertown, on the suburbs of Boston, a massive man hunt begun.

Boston city went into lockdown. Subways stopped running, businesses closed and people were advised not to leave their homes. A BBC reporter described Watertown as “A ghost town, eerily creepy”. Throughout all of Friday, the police went door to door, searching houses in hunt of the missing fugitive. The police had described Dzhokhar as “highly dangerous and possibly armed”. There was an interview with the suspect’s uncle in which he made a plea to his nephew to “turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness”, a plea that was surely not heard. Meanwhile, Dzhokhar’s father had protested his children’s innocence by saying: “They’ve never used a gun, they’ve never even SEEN guns except on T.V!”. Unfortunately, this statement was clearly false.

The man hunt went on all day. They searched houses, they searched parks, they searched libraries they searched everything. It seemed impossible that Dzokhar could avoid capture for long. Evening came and still there was no sighn of the younger brother. Where could he be? Police were giving up hope. Maybe he had managed to escape the city and was currently on a flight to London or Australia? But they didn’t give up hope. They kept on searching but told Watertown that it should be safe to leave their houses.

A man left his house and went into his garden, stretching his cooped up legs. He wondered around, observing how the flowers were coming into season and generally enjoyng the freedom to leave his house. But then he noticed something strange. There was a strange mark on the boat that belonged to him and his wife. Anxious he peered under the tarpuling and saw something that made his blood run cold: Blood. All at once he knew that Dzhokar, who had long evaded capture was hiding in the end of his garden. He rushed into his house and called the police. They quickly arrived on the scene and, after a few gun shots had been fired, managed to subdue and capture the younger of the two brothers. Dhokhar was rushed to hospital as he was still suffering from gun wounds inflicted by the police on Thursday evening. As I write, he is recovering in the hospital until he is recovered enough to be questioned.

But who are these two bombers? Where do they come from? And most importantly, why did they commit the terrible crime that they commited?

Dzokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were the sons of Chechen refugees from the troubled parts of the southern (then) U.S.S.R. It was reported that they moved to the U.S.A, along with their father in 2002 and set up a life there, away from the horrors that were being faught in the home country. In around 2008, their father returned to Russia as he was ill and wanted to see his family. The two lived in Massachusetts in a town called: Cambridge. Dzokhar had recieved a scholarship for university to pursue further education. According to his father, he had ambitions to become a brain surgeon. In the meantime, Tamerlan was a keen boxer and fought at an amateur level. He described himself as a very religious non drinker and non smoker.

But still the question remains, why did Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev create these explosions when (it seemed) they were fitting in fine in society, had friends and seemed perfectly happy? The authorites have come up with a few possible motives which will be put to Dzokhar when he is being questioned:
A) Tamerlan was feeling upset about his girlfriends (whom is now pregnant) dumping him so he took his anger out on society;
B) Tamerlan went to his hometown for six months within the last eighteen months. Is it possible that he was contacted by some terriost group persuading him to commit this crime?
C) In fact the brothers hated America and wanted to take venegance on a society which had possibly mal treated them and discriminated against them.
D) Some completely different motive which will hopefully come out withing the following weeks.

By Matteo Fernandes

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  1. Cliched poening and i think you are missing the point a bit with the Q’S .

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