Looking back at Sharp archives, I noticed the rating system. At the end of every review there is a star rating and almost every single time, it is given 5 stars. So, I decided to write a review on something much less rated. Something that many students feel very strongly about; school uniform. Yes, this is a review on the top 4 worst Hackney school uniforms. I must say now that this is all completely personal opinion and I would be more than happy to hear your views in the comments section.

4. Skinners Academy.
This has the basic features of an average school uniform. Grey blazer, black shoes and socks and black jumper. But it’s the tie. The hint of green in the tie and in the logo give the uniform a slightly sickly feel. The colour scheme doesn’t quite go together. Maybe a blue or a black would suit better.

3. Bridge Academy.
In fact, this uniform is very similar to that of The City Academy. A grey jumper, striped tie, shirt and a strangely coloured blazer, in this case purple. Though not as bad as red, to have a purple blazer seems slightly bizarre and is stereotypically a very feminine colour. It certainly helps to quickly distinguish a Bridge student from others but honestly, purple is not a good colour for a blazer.

2. Petchey Academy

uniform (2)
No. From the picture above, the Petchey Academy uniform isn’t so bad at all. In fact, it’s quite nice. It’s just one item of clothing that really shoots Petchey right up the “bad uniform rankings”. It’s a kilt. A traditional Scottish kilt with blue chequers on it which quite honestly, in my opinion is NOT the type of clothing to wear for a school uniform, more fancy dress. However, other than that, The Petchey uniform is in fact quite nice.

1. The City Academy Hackney


It’s very similar to all other average uniforms in the U.K and in fact, looking at it in black and white, actually it looks all right. But…well…it’s red. And on a school uniform, the colour red isn’t particualarly appropriate.  Though we’re always being told about a “business environment”, this colour contradicts all of this.

For the first time ever, I’m giving the subject of my review only one star.


By Matteo Fernandes

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I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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