davinci-code-1Everybody’s heard of the famous Da Vinci portrait: “The Mona Lisa”, but what if you also knew that within that picture was full of hidden pictures? What if you knew that “The Mona Lisa” could lead you on a quest to find the most sought after object in human history: The Holy Grail. Well, perhaps this isn’t entirely true but the next best thing would be to read Dan Brown’s stunning thriller: The Da Vinci Code.

The Book follows Harvard lecturer and symbologist Robert Langdon, who is lecturing in Paris. But, when the curator of the famous art museum: “The Louve” is murdered, he becomes France’s most wanted. He teams up with Sophie Neuveu from the french police and together they have to solve a series of cryptic and devious clues to keep the secret of the holy grail alive. As well as this scintillating plot line, the reader follows the work of ultra-christian group “Opus Dei”, who also seem to be hunting the ultimate prize. The reader is often kept in the dark about what is excactly going on, and can only have suspicions, guesses on who is the real criminal. But nothing is as it seems…

While reading this book, I recieved lots of comments about the quality of the book and who it wasn’t “real literature”. And yes, I can see that it isn’t “War and Peace”, or written in such a great way. But the book isn’t designed to be some great work of literature. It’s written to give readers something that they don’t want to put down, something so they can say: “Oh, please just one more chapter!” And it fills 100% of this criteria. Despite the whopping 500 and something pages, after reaching the end, the reader would be cross with Dan Brown that he couldn’t make his book any longer.  This book also gave me an insight into Da Vinci’s work and also art in general.

I do agree with critics when they complain about the quality of the literature in the book but honestly, my opinion is that Dan Brown wasn’t trying to create a literature masterpiece, he was just trying to write a good thriller novel. I think that this book has everything. It’s action packed, has elements of a whodunnit, a histrorical novel and a good bit of romance thrown into the mix. Overall, I think that this is an incredble book and would recommend it to any child, teenager or adult that I might meet.

Matteo Fernandes


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