Chelsea FC V Manchester City

The two favourites to win the league Chelsea and Manchester City played each other with the winner extending the difference between each other.

Manchester City started of well, having a massive percentage of possession. However they could not get past Chelsea’s organised defence. On the counter attack Chelsea were proving difficult to play against and on the 20th minute Ramires chipped the ball over the city defence. Fernando Torres controlled it beautifully; however he sliced the ball over the bar past a relieved Joe Heart.

Chelsea put pressure on City’s defence and in the 33rd minute got their reward. Torres picked the ball up on the edge of the box, before driving at the city defence; he got past Nastasic before passing the ball across the box where Schurlle had the easy job of converting from two yards out. 

As Manchester City went into the dressing they reflected on playing poorly and being dominated by a better Chelsea team.

Fortunately, for City, three minutes after the break Man City equalised; Sergio Aguero catching Petr Cech at his front post, after the defence was slit through by David Silva. 

City carried on dominating through the second half.  However Chelsea looked dangerous on the counter attack. With 80 minutes on the clock Chelsea were getting into the game and putting Man City under pressure, though the game was heading to a draw.

With Manchester City’s fans faithfully urging their team on, they produced a final attack at Chelsea. Aguero tried to get past John Terry who tackled Aguero; the ball ran through to Willian who launched the ball up field.  The ball went well in to City’s halve with Nastasic being chased by Torres. Nastasic easily got to the ball first however Hart also came to the ball. Nastasic headed the ball over Hart. The City fans looked in shock as Torres got to the ball before Demicheles and tapped the ball in to the empty net.

And so it ended Chelsea 2-1 Manchester City. 


By Luca Webster

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I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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