The City Academy Hackney recently put on a production of the popular film: Bugsy Malone.  After watching and thoroughly enjoying this production, I was inspired to watch the original film.  Starring:  Scott Baio and Florrie Dugger, I could see why this incredible musical is so immeasurably popular in secondary schools everywhere; it’s a classic.  It’s a really fun musical to watch and I can only imagine the fun that casts across the globe have with their own adaptations.

There are a few elements however, which set it apart from many other musicals.  One of these, very noticable features is the splurge gun.  The splurge gun is used by the two mobs in the area and it symbolises a real gun.  The unlucky person on the recieving end of one of these recieves a face full of foam and cream.  Voila: Splurge.  I think that this element of the film really adds to the spirit of it, and despite the story line being about two rival gangs, the product is actually quite a fun, jolly movie – and not at all violent.  The splurge gun is definately a large part in the “classic-ness”, of Bugsy Malone.1373893801_Bugsy_Malone_photo_2

Another important factor that makes the film so popular for schools to adapt and for families to watch is the fact of the all children cast.  In no other film in history have all the parts gone to children.  This makes the film far more attractive for children and adults alike as it makes the film far more fun and enjoyable to watch.  Rather than feel apprehensive at the brutal murder of Roxie Robinson, the viewer feels quite amused in the way that this has happened-(the splurge gun helps also).  Children playing characters from Bugsy can easily relate to the characters and hence enhance their performances from when they play adults.

Overall-the tag line: “Every year produces a good movie, but every decade produces a great musical”, is definately deserved on this absoloute classic of a film and I’m sure children will have great fun both watching it and playing for many years to come.


Matteo Fernandes

About matteomsf

I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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