Battlefield_4_13714162668056Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4 (not yet released on PS4)

Yes, DICE are back, and they’re coming back with a boom. Battlefield 4 was foreseen to be probably the best Strategy-Shooter fps of 2013.

Game play

The controls and HUD are pretty much exactly the same as Battlefield 3’s. The weapon list gives the player a range of tactics and ways to play. For example you could choose a sniper rifle camp on a skyscraper and pick out their enemy. Or they can use a heavy machine gun and go all out guerrilla on the opposition. The weapon customization system is your bog standard level up and get new attachments for your gun. While in match the player can spot their targets (hit marker) and switch firing modes whether it’s single-shot or rapid fire. Now the best bit that we all love about battlefield, the vehicles and armoury, and boy, has it gotten better. Tanks, helicopters, fighter jets, quad bikes- name any type of armoury or artillery, and DICE have probably got it in there.

Battlefield 4’s multiplayer contains 3 playable factions (teams): Russia, China, and the US. And now on the Xbox one, PC and PS4, there are up to 64 players allowed on 1 map on once. This will increase the war-vibe of the game, the player having to make quick tactical decisions. AND it all gets even better for those that own an Android, Iphone or Ipad. Commander mode is back! Last seen on the game Battlefield 2142, this gives the ‘Commander’ a RTS-ish view of the entire the map. The commander is able to monitor soldier movement, call in various artillery strikes like UAVs to Air Support.

Unlike Call of Duty, DICE only released 10 maps for BF 4. The maps vary size and are each unique in their own way, giving the player multiple choices on how they play. The game modes include Battlefields Conquest, new game modes such as “Obliteration and Destroy”. And don’t worry the classic game modes like TDM or Squad death match are still here.

Overall, the crazy Swedish men at DICE have given birth to a game that really sets the bar for next-gen games, and I believe that this is not a game to be forgotten.


Dante Brown-McDermott

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