A_Game_Of_Thrones_board_game_detailWhen you press on the little bar at the top of the dashboard reading: “Games”, you expect – naturally – that it’s filled with reviews on the latest video games, whether CoD, Battlefield, or GTA.  However, despite common misconception, there IS such things as games that DON’T appear on T.V screens.  These things belonging to an ancient generation are called board games.  The most common,  most popular game from this unheard of race is Monopoly and I’m sure that even the most avid “gamer”, must of heard of it.

It’s essentially a game of trade and profit.  You go around the board, buying properties and then buying houses and eventually hotels on your properties.  You collect rent from your fellow players (depending on the value of the property and the quantity of the houses) and aim to “Monopolise”, the board.

A key feature of Monopoly is the calculated risk which needs to be taken into consideration when making any kind of decision.  “Do I buy houses?” “What happens if I can’t pay him?” etc.  In my own experience, this has helped me in real life considering options I have, and the possible consequences that come with those options.  However, I think that this challenge comes today in the form of current video games.  In GTA, the player needs to consider whether to rob the store, and what possible consequences may come of that.  In FIFA, the player decides whether or not to play the player that’s just come back from injury.

Another element of Monopoly which I think really defines the game is the way that each player has his own individual tactics.  Every single person responds differently in different situations depending on how cautious they are, how lucky you think you are and how willing you are to barter.  These tactics reflect in real life and to an extent, your experience in Monoply could influence you in real life situations.  Again though, this feature can be found in the Next-Gen games of today.  Whether you go all out attack or attempt to pass the ball through the team on FIFA, whether you choose to grenade an enemy or stealthily snipe your opening on CoD, each gamer has his own individual tactis depending on what type of person that player is.

However, one key feature of Monopoly that DOESN’T appear in any current games are the odds and the mathematics.  Many people (particularly gamers) might turn off at this point.  “Maths?  It’s a game!  We don’t care!”  But seriously, in monopoly the numbers on the dice have to become your friend and you need to know how to work them.  For example: how many gamers out there knew that with two dice, the score 7 is the most likely to get?  Or that you have a 1/6 of a chance to get that score?  In Monopoly, these statistics are key knowledge; in order to make those calculated risk assessments mentioned previously, you have to know how likely these possible outcomes are to happen.

Overall, I really like the game Monopoly, as it makes you think about every single one of your moves and then affects the way you think about many things.  I prefer it to many video games as it feels more ‘real’ and is far more sociable than your eyes glued to a screen.


Matteo Fernandes

(I’m very interested to read what gamers have to say about this review so please leave a comment if you disagree.)


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  1. Amin B says:

    There definetely is maths involved in games especially in FPS games. You might be low on ammo and might need to think whether you’ll try and conserve ammo or use it all since you know there’s more ammo near. Also in more sociable FPS games such as planetside 2 you might be assembling a squad and you might need to decide if you think you have enough players to launch an attack or to wait for more players. But then you might realise that theres little time since the opposition have already stormed one of your bases and that you will need to make an instant decision before you lose your base.

    • matteomsf says:

      However, in an FPS game, if you get shot, you lose a life, and you go to te nearsest checkpoint or whatever. In Monopoly if you make one wrong decision then you are bankrupt and out of the game. And believe me, after a round of Monopoly, people don’t want to play again for at least a month. I appreciate your point though Amin.

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