animal_farm-3George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is based around the Russian Revolution, and demonstrates the dilemmas a country encounters when controlled by an incompetent dictator.

The allegorical novel begins with Old Major; a matured pig, giving a speech to the farm animals. During this thought-provoking speech he talks about a dream he had where all animals are equal, and how he believes that the animals should strive for rebellion against the Human race. He ends his speech with ‘Beast of England’, a song intended to motivate and persuade all the animals to overthrow the humans.

Unfortunately three nights later Old Major dies, and is buried in an orchard. The intelligent ones of the animals i.e. Snowball and Napoleon uses Old Major’s speech to compose an Ideology called Animalism. Soon later they are able to take over the farm, and begin rebellion. To signify the initiation of the rebellion they rename the farm to Animal farm.

Snowball begins to educate the animals by teaching them how to read and write. Together both Napoleon and Snowball launch the seven commandments, which are laws that all animals must pursue. Things seem well and for once in their lives the farm animals begin to feel optimistic and content. Mr Jones returns and is eager as ever to reclaim his farm, there is a huge battle and in the end the animals win. This battle later on is called The Battle of Cowshed.

As time passes on it becomes noticeably clear that Napoleon and Snowball despise each other, as they never seem to come to an agreement. Snowball suggests on building a windmill, and tries to persuade the farm animals that it will dramatically reduce their labour. Unsurprisingly Napoleon is against the whole idea. During the meeting where the farm animals were to vote on whether the windmill was to be built, Napoleon summoned some dogs to attack Snowball and chase him from the farm.

With Snowball out of the way, Napoleon could now take leadership of the farm, and with it came endless power…….

In my Opinion I think George Orwell is a tremendous writer, as I have never encountered a writer who could so easily transform the life of significant leaders in history to a ‘fairy tale’. This is explicitly seen when we compare the character in the novel to those in real life. For example Napoleon who is portrayed in the story as being a bad speaker and corrupt, is very similar to Joseph Stalin who also was a bad speaker and killed all those who opposed him. This is also the case for Old Major. In the novel he is the one who comes up with Animalism, likewise Karl Marx invents Communism and dies before the Revolution.

I recommend this novel to anyone who has a passion for learning about the past, and would also like to develop their vocabulary at the same time.


Aaron Owusu


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I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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