I’ll Be There is a love story, between the two main characters Sam and Emily. Their paths intercross at a church where Emily has been forced to sing the song I’ll Be There. As expected she doesn’t do very well and resorts to escaping outside. This is where the book really starts. Sam and Emily meet under strange circumstances as Sam goes after Emily to see if she is alright. Right from the moment Emily decides to sing directly to him; they have now reached the beginning of their lives together.

The title of the book is quite a strange one, but once you have read the book you will then understand why Holly Golderberg Sloan has decided to use the very coveted song title. The book truly goes as true as the title is. Emily has made a promise to Sam and tries very hard to fulfil that promise for the rest of the book. However it’s not easy, for many reasons. One of which is that Sam’s father; who kidnapped Sam and his younger asthmatic brother Riddle from their mother when younger, is always on the road and carrying the kids with him. He does not accept any form of social interaction which could get him into trouble, and so when that happens. He does what he does best. Packs up his bags and takes the boys to another state.

At first when I read the blurb, I thought this book was going to be a quite typical love story. The type of story I have read dozens of times before. Let me say, I was very wrong. The blurb says “Everyone whose path you cross in life has the power to change you.” The book shows an excellent example of that. Everyone who Sam and Riddle meet affects the boys in someway and makes an impact, big or small in their life. Probably the most obvious one is Sam meeting Emily. The book has been described as “a compelling exploration of the power of human connection” and I don’t think there is any other way better to put it. The book answers the question that has arisen many times. Do people you meet have the power to change you? And the answer is as simple as yes; everyone you meet makes an impact on your life and has the power to change you. You don’t believe this? Well then, read the book and question your life and the people whom paths have crossed with. Trust me, your mind will be widened and you’ll be thinking of every person you’ve ever met that’s made you the person you are today. I’ll Be There has been described as heartbreaking, magical and lots of brotherly love. Honestly, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever read and once you start the book you won’t be able to put it down. Trust me.


By Tosin Taslim

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