This book follows the lives of three sisters Georgina (Georgie for short), Abigail (Abby for short) and Ellie, who are all teenagers and we watch them as they  go through the ups and downs of life and we follow them as the family adapt after the death of their father in the first few chapters of the book. We also are deeply involved their new life after they are forced to leave their beloved home Holly House and we see the Dashwood sisters find love and happiness in their new life

I really enjoyed this books as it is based on Sense and Sensibility which is one my favourite books and a classic by Jane Austin. It is also an exciting read as the story is quite unexpected and as a result I finished the book in less then a week. The book is also very relatable in that all the sisters are around my age ranging between 13- 17 and therefore I can understand how they feel and react in the situations that they face in the book for example when Abby takes the car and runs away. Furthermore, I found it interesting that the book brought Sense and Sensibility into the twenty- first century and thus I was able to get an insight into how the Dashwood girls would react without the restraints of the nineteenth centaury England.


Innaha Ahmed


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