TimeRiders The Pirate KingsTime Riders the Pirate Kings starts off with the group deciding to change the course of history after learning in the previous book about their main purpose which they completely disagree with. Therefore due to the fact that they no longer have a purpose they decide to go on a trip back in time in the Great Fire of London in 1666. Although it is not how they hoped it would be instead of seeing the amazing fire they also see death, human ruthlessness and greed during a time which everyone should have been co-operating. This shocks them as this is not what the history books recorded and explained. This leads to the two main male characters being sent to a pirate ship.

Eventually they assume control of the pirate ship and with their 21st century beliefs they decide to use 21st century technology and ideology to create their own utopian and egalitarian country in 21st century Haiti.

I really liked the book for its accurate depiction of history. Although I also liked the fact that this is the first book which the characters make history and build a country with its own country, government and armed forces all under the motto of Liberté, égalité, fraternité. This was a motto which was to be uttered by the French 100 years later.

 The readers also realise that history is actually more unfair and bloody then it is respected by the textbooks we read. At the end of the book their egalitarian ideas were so dangerous to the French, British and Spanish who were rivals but together they decided to end their small country. What was the sad part were the main characters Liam and Rashim were able to hold out against the greatest of odds but in the history books they were only represented as cowardly savages with their multicultural army being no match to the all white British army symbolizing the fact that history is truly told by the victors. In the end the main characters were executed, although since they are Time riders and the fact that they named Forts and ships after Maddy, Sal and Bob they were able to find them and extract them before they were overrun by the British Forces.


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