Divergent follows the astounding battle of a girl living in a time where her individuality might just get her killed.

Synopsis: Beatrice Prior lives in a world where each person is grouped into a faction based on their predominant traits from the 5 key qualities needed to function in a ‘perfect’ society. These qualities are intelligence, bravery, honesty, selflessness and kindness. When it comes to deciding which faction she belongs to Beatrice must make a decision…. She can either stay with her family or join a different faction. There’s just one problem: Beatrice is a person who can’t be defined, a person who has an aptitude for multiple factions…. She’s divergent. Being divergent is dangerous, if anyone were to find out, it could mean death… Can Beatrice survive in a society pitted against her?

My Opinion: I thought Divergent was an amazing story and would recommend it to anyone. I love how Veronica Roth creates a world in which a reader is able to immerse themselves in with ease. I love the concept of factions and how this completely opposes our current societal standings. Nowadays people are free to express themselves and be whomever they want, whereas in Tris’s time people are bound by a certain quality, which I think really enhances the reader’s experience. I think it’s the ability for the reader to become part of the story by considering their faction and the sort of role they would play in the story that makes it credible. I think this was a stroke of genius on Veronica Roth’s part as the readers actually look into their own personalities, as well as the characters. I think Tris as a protagonist is quite interesting as in most books aimed at teenagers nowadays, the protagonist is constantly sure of herself and always seen as strong. With Tris you get to witness all different sides to her personality: although she is feisty and acts strong from time to time, you get to view her as an individual, a real person. I also think that presenting Tris as petite and not athletic was a great idea as it means that female readers are able to feel more confident about their bodies. I thought Four was an amazing character as he shows that what matters is not  focusing on your best quality but working hard to be everything you could possibly be, which I think is a really positive outlook especially with some of the more grim details in the book. I think the theme of power really enticed me to read more as I was curious about Jeanine’s obsession with controlling the city, her character intrigued me as she was considerably one of the most intelligent people in the city and yet only cared about ruling over everyone.


Luz Edwards

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