The hitcher walks in the rain. The thunder growls at him as the rain cascades down like bullets. Headlights emerge from a distance. The hitcher raises his thumb and the car stops next to him.
“Need a lift?” The driver asks.
“Cheers.” The hitcher explains
“Get in,” The driver says after thinking for a bit, “Where should I drop you off?”
“Next town is fine.”
“Sure.” Says the driver, starting the car. He pulls out onto the road and starts what will be his last journey. “How’d you get here?”
The hitcher thinks for a second before responding, “I crashed into a tree; I survived but my friend didn’t”
“That’s terrible,” The driver gasps,
The hitcher knows that if they went back they will find his “friend” with two gunshot wounds to the head, “I called an ambulance already.”
“So what’s your name?”
“The name’s Herman,” The hitcher answers, “Yours?”
“James.” Replies the driver. He’s an ex- cop and has a gun hidden under the wheel for old time sake.
The hitcher reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigar, “Want one?”
“Nah, I don’t smoke.” James replies
“Sure.” Herman lights the cigar and takes a big puff..
James thinks for a second. The name strikes a bell in the old police officer’s memory. Then the radio came to life. “Looking for an escaped convict called Jerry Nexton, more commonly known as Herman. Be on the lookout for this person as he is dangerous and possibly armed”
As soon as James heard this his blood went cold. He was carrying a dangerous criminal in his car. He looked in the back mirror and saw Herman lifting a gun. “Don’t try anything funny or I will shoot you.”
James had this practice before; he knew every move from that moment. It appeared in the course and the test and the training. Before the hitcher even had a chance to reply, James ducked and dodged the first bullet; seconds passed, the hitcher looked over the seats to see where James had gone, just to get kicked in the face. It had become a perfected routine, James took the time he earned to grab his gun and shoot Herman in the arms immobilizing him and his hands. Then he knocked him out and put the cuffs on him. James started driving to the police station. However the last thing he saw was Herman lifting the gun with his feet then everything went black.

The end?

By Teodor Pelteshki

About matteomsf

I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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