With Juventus set to win a third successive scudeto, it looks like the Serie A will become a boring league with only 1 team contesting for the top spot.

The main problem for the Serie A is the low attendance. The lowest ever attendance ever recorded in the premier league in the last 10 years is 16,500. That was at Loftus road, the home of Queens Park Rangers, considering that the top capacity is 18,000 it’s not that bad. Now compare this to Parma’s shocking 450. Yes, 450. I have not forgotten to add in the zeroes. And guess what there capacity is 25,250. There are only four teams that get a capacity that can match those in the La Liga and the Premier League. These teams are, not surprisingly, the top four. Juventus, Roma, Napoli and Fiorentina. Since Juventus have got their new stadium they have been drawing in crowds of nearly 50,000. I have the pleasure of going to the Juventus Stadium and the atmosphere is absolutely scintillating. Roma have got the biggest stadium in the Serie A. Holding 63,000 it was the Olympic Stadia of 1960. Since rebranding Napoli are bringing in much bigger crowds. Personally I don’t like this stadium. The crowd is too far away from the pitch so the atmosphere is muted. However Fiorentina’s stadium has one of the best atmospheres in Europe considering that is has a maximum capacity of 42,000. The stadio Artemio Franchi has seen better days but you have to love the vintage look it emits.

However, I think that the Serie A is a great league that may see some billionaires investing in clubs over the next few years. The rise of this league could see Italy’s national team coming a major force in international football.


Luca Webster

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