Well, this was interesting. The Man Who Was Thursday is about a detective called Gabriel Syme that works in the police force. In the novel he was undercover in a place in London called Saffron Park disguised as a poet. In Edwardian London Syme (The book usually refers to Gabriel as Syme) discovers that a rival poet is an anarchist which is someone who believes in the system of anarchy where there is no government or authority to stop anyone from doing anything. Syme decides to put a stop to this.
This book covers the topic of anarchism. After doing some research on this book I found out that this book was set in an alternate reality where anarchism was common for example in the book a village in France is full of anarchists and when the village finds out that Syme is going after the leader of the European Central Council which the rival poet is part of. I also found out from the author that this book wasn’t meant to be realistic but was mean to be a thought of life would be like if anarchism was common.


Amin Boumerdassi

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