Recently, my English class have been learning about poetry. During the lesson we were studying different poets and their work, including Kate Tempest; a young poet and spoken word artist.  The example we studied was Cannibal Kids.

The poem really had an affect on me as it implied that kids are following gangs and behaving poorly, which she thinks is wrong. She used poetic techniques such as alliteration (i.e. when she writes “BANG BANG”) and personification to grip the reader.

Another thing that gripped me was the enthusiasm and effort Tempest put into her performance.  This clearly was an important topic for her and therefore made me feel that it should be an important topic for me.  Her facial expression and hand gestures were big which added to the overall effect her performance had on me.

I thought that this was an inspirational poem and I would recommend it to all.


Sam Parker

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I love listening to music and wathcing films.

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