The Stables Market, Camden (The Photos)


An amazing photo of some of the smaller things you can buy in the market. Photographer: Kristi Lukoss


Some of the display mannequins that you can find around The Stables Market. Photographer: Kristi Lukoss


We love irony here at Sharp Magazine, but seriously, these no photograph signs are in most shops in The Stables. I was let off in some shops because it’s for a review article, but please be respectful of where you are and aren’t allowed to take photos. Photographer: Kristi Lukoss


Some would call this cocky, I call it the truth! Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


Just some of the amazing people you could meet in The Stables Market. From left to right: Ihsan Flack, Kristi Lukoss, Antonino Spampinato. Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


A proud trader in front of her stall! In the photo: Michelle Gentili Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


There are horse statues everywhere, so if you ever forget the name, you know it’s got something to do with these majestic animals. Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


Here you are boys and girls, a sweet store! What more can you ask for? Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


Amazingly fresh fish and chips! Seawise does not disappoint! Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan


A truly innovative idea, the photo typewriter lets you spell out words in photographs! The traders here are more than happy to help you plan out your designs. I bought my mother’s day present here and my mum loves it still! Photographer: Louise Barco-Morgan

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