So, here at Sharp Magazine we love people who are fresh and new; we also love getting interviews with them before they become big so we can say, “We got there first!”

Having written the very first (and currently only other) interview on the blog and being editor in chief this year, I feel the need to write the next one about a band that is making their way on the rock scene, Sinner’s Avenue (although you may have guessed that from the title).

If you have never heard of Sinner’s Avenue, I don’t blame you, I honestly only heard about them because I happened to meet the drummer and the bassist at a concert, so I thought it’d be worth while checking out the band. I must admit, I never fell in love with a band so quickly. Their music is brilliantly written and I’ve heard they perform amazing live shows (although I’ve never been able to attend one).

Sinner’s Avenue is made up of: Stacey Wright, vocals; Liam Wright, guitar; Dan Trower, bass; Jamie Compton, drums. They are a female fronted hard rock band based in Northamptonshire and they are absolutely awesome (slightly biased, but still fact).

Without further ado, here is the interview:

Sharp: Why did you decide to start the band?

Stacey: We missed playing live and we all weren’t in bands so we decided to try and start this one.

Liam: …We just hadn’t played live in a long time and we missed it.


Sharp:  Was there any specific reason that you all formed?

Dan: [Stacey, Liam and I] were originally in a band before and split up due to unforeseen circumstances… A year or so passed and we decided to get back together with the addition to Jamie on drums as we missed playing live and getting sweaty!

Jamie: [We love] playing live and writing music, it’s a great experience especially playing with all the other awesome bands.


Sharp: What do you see for the future of the band?

Stacey: Fame and fortune!

Jamie: Later this year we hope to write the rest of our album and go into the studio to record.


Sharp: What previous bands have you been with and how have they helped you transform as a musician?

Stacey: A few cover bands. Made me realise I want to write my own music.

Dan: I have been in four bands before Sinner’s Avenue, the most recent was Beaudica [with Stacey and Liam], and I’d say that helped me a lot more than the other bands as I’ve learned more from the mistakes that were made and gave me more confidence and the stage presence I have today.


Sharp: Who are your individual inspirations as well as people you look up to as a band?

Liam: Personally, Slash, Metallica and most guitarists of that era.

Dan: My inspirations are probably Green Day as they’re the first band I listened to, from there my music got heavier and heavier!


Sharp: What is your favourite thing about making music?

Liam: Seeing the song fully finished and then seeing the reaction from the crowd

Dan: The best thing about making music is playing it live; going from a riff idea in a sweaty room to bringing it all together in a live environment.



Sharp: What are the troubles you face as up and coming artists?

Jamie: The music industry these days is pretty crap. It is very hard to make it as there is such a saturation of bands in the music scene.

Liam:  Finding venues that will take a chance on local bands by putting them on a better day/time.


Sharp: Do you prefer performing or recording in the studio and why?

Stacey: Performing as it’s more raw

Jamie: I really enjoyed recording, it was great fun sitting around doing nothing after I had completed all my parts the first day.


Sharp: What advice would you give to people wanting to start a band?

Stacey: Make sure you really want to do it. It’s a lot of work.

Liam: Have fun and make music you like.

Dan: If I could give any advice it’ll be go see as many bands as you can so you can learn from them…their stage presence, interaction with the crowd etc…and also practice practice practice! And practice like you’re playing a show!

Jamie: Keep practicing. Find people who have similar music tastes and people you know you can get on with.


Sharp: Is there anything else you would like to say?

Stacey: Music is awesome. If you want to do it then definitely pursue it.

Liam: I’m too cool.

Dan: I think that’s all

Jamie: We rival the spice girls in talent


And that is all for the interview. If you want to check out Sinner’s Avenue check out their media pages:




Louise Barco-Morgan

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