No PC gamer hasn’t heard of it! Team Fortress 2 is the massively popular cartoony-graphics FPS. To those of you who haven’t heard of the term FPS, FPS stands for First Person Shooter (-Game). Firstly, I am not here to talk about Team Fortress 1 or Classic. I’ve not played them as I am more interested in the sequel.


In Team Fortress 2 there are 9 classes: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy (-Weapons Guy), Engineer, Medic, Sniper and Spy. The scout is all about speed and can sometimes overestimate himself. He quite often dons a bottle of BONK Atomic Punch! He wields a Scattergun which is somewhat like a shotgun and a plain old pistol! His melee weapon is a baseball bat as he is a Major League batter.


The Soldier is American-Born Eagle of the team. He is a bit different from a soldier you might imagine as he wields a rocket launcher- Yes, a rocket launcher- A shotgun and a spade. The Soldier is often seen as a stereotypical imagining of an American. It is thought that the Soldier might be a bit racist as he seems to think everyone on the team is American.



Pyro: TF2’s most unknown class. Very little is known about him…Or her. This person is always seen in a fireproof suit wielding a, shotgun and fire-axe. Nobody really wondered about the Pyro’s identity until in a map in TF2 a fireproof suit just like a Pyro’s was seen in a coat cabinet. That wasn’t the strange thing. The strange thing was above the Pyro’s fire suit was a pink purse. None of the TF2 team are female which makes this unusual. Perhaps the Pyro is a woman… We may never know. Also the Pyro could be mentally ill as seen in the Meet the Pyro Trailer. We got to see what the Pyro was seeing. It was freaky beyond imagination. The Pyro thinks he lives in a world called Pyroland which is a world of pink skies and green meadows where all the other classes are dressed as babies. During the trailer we see what is really happening in between the bits of Pyroland. In one part he was seen blowing bubbles into a scouts face. In real life he shot him in the face with a flare gun. Quite gory. The Pyro is definitely a deadly and unknown class.


The Demoman is perh a class you might not have seen ever: a black Scottish guy. Luckily a decent amount of information is known about the Demoman. He is definitely Scottish. He was abandoned at birth and raised by people who found him. When in school his bomb making skills got massively better. Just so you know the Demoman wields a grenade launcher, a sticky bomb launcher and a bottle which breaks when you hit an enemy. His parents came back for him saying it was a Demoman tradition to abandon their baby at birth to get better at bomb making. When a Demoman is seen with a sword, he is truly dangerous as all the classes are.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy…. And this…. Is my weapon.” The Heavy is a vicious class. This USSR born beast of a man is perhaps your or scariest nightmare. He may be a big and possibly fat Russian but he is DEADLY. The Heavy wields a Minigun, shotgun and his own fists for melee. Although don’t take the Minigun literally. It’s not mini. Not in the slightest. It’s probably the biggest gun in TF2. And the fastest firing. According to the heavy the Minigun fires 10,000 rounds a minute. That’s FAST. The bad thing about the Heavy is that he’s a bit overpowered. He may be the slowest moving class in TF2 but the Minigun can ruin you if you’re anywhere near it-Even as a scout. Because of this people often say people who only play the Heavy are unskilled. Perhaps they are, perhaps their not. Either way the Heavy is a force to be reckoned with.


The Engineer is a Texan…Well…Engineer! The Engineer possesses a PHD in engineering and he has a favourite equation. That equation is the equation for working out light angles and other light based things in the game. The Engineer wields a shotgun, pistol, a wrench, a construction PDA and a demolition PDA. With the PDA’s and his wrench the Engineer can create buildings such as sentry guns, dispensers, which heal you and give you ammo, and a teleporter. This makes the Engineer a great class for defence as you can defend a point with sentry guns and your own guns.



The Medic….Is nothing like a medic you will see in other FPS’s. This Medic is a mad scientist. He has a dove called Archimedes and h a healing gun (The Medigun) the Medigun is the only gun capable of healing other players. This makes a Medic an absolute essential for any competitive team. When played well Medics are almost always at the top of the leaderboard (for that game). The Medic also has a fast firing Syringe Gun and a saw…You know… the ones for amputating. The Syringe Gun is one of the fastest firing weapons in the game, however the aiming is rubbish. The needles have a very short drop-off range. By that I mean the bullets move down and off course very quickly. This makes it only good for point blank range. But combat isn’t what the medics good at. It’s healing!

If you love sniping from not-so-far distances,picking away from the enemy team you’ll love the sniper! The sniper is an Australian, as all the other classes are too. This Australian is most dangerous when at distance since he can kill almost any class in one headshot. He wields a sniper rifle, SMG(Sub-Machine Gun) and a kukri which is a bit like a machete. In the Sniper trailer we find out that the sniper is thought of as a “Crazed Gunman” and mental by his Dad for choosing to become a mercenary.


Last, but certainly not least: The Spy. We know even less about the Spy than the Pyro. All we know are two things. He’s from France… And he has a French accent. This class can be the most vicious and dangerous class but also the easiest class to kill. The stock (default) weapons are: A pistol, an Invisi-Watch, a Butterfly Knife, a Disguise Kit. The Invisi-Watch is a Spy’s best weapon especially with knives such as “Your Eternal Reward” which doesn’t allow the Disguise Kit to be used. It makes you completely invisible to both enemy and friend. There are different kinds of invisibility such as Feign Death and Motion Sensitive invisibility. The Disguise Kit allows you to perfectly disguise into another enemy. They cannot tell you’re a Spy unless your attacked or walked into- You can walk into friends but not into the other team. Without a Knife a Spy wouldn’t be useful at all. Knives-are -essential. There is only one weapon in the game that can guarantee kills. That is… The Knife! A Spy’s motto is “Backstab”- Ok, not really but every Spy has to. With the combination of pistol, for close range combat, the Disguise Kit, for ease of stealth, the Invisi-Watch, Which allows total stealth and the Butterfly Knife, for a quick kill, the Spy makes for a very sneaky class in the hands of pros.

That was all your TF2 classes. Now get out there, Soldier, and enjoy them!

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