Sushi restaurants are becoming more and more common from small restaurants such as “Japan Sushi” to large franchises such as Wasabi. If you’ve ever eaten Sushi (This is not what this review is about) I’m sure you may have thought before “There must be more to Japanese food than Sushi.” Well, there is! Yo!Sushi is a Japanese style ( Not actually owned by anyone Japanese but its authentic) Sushi AND noodle bar that also serves hot dishes. This is where Yo!Sushi comes into its own. How many Japanese restaurants have you seen that serve something other than sushi and noodles? For me that’s Yo!Sushi.

Contrary to the name it also serves authentic Japanese dishes such as Miso soup, Yakisoba dishes and even a Japanese curry called Katsu. I usually order a Prawn Yakisoba and sometimes Miso Tempura which are shrimps deep fried in miso. The menu may seem small but actually offers a range of foods for you to try.


My first time trying Yo!Sushi was quite amazing. I was at Westfield Stratford and was looking for somewhere new to eat. I saw a couple of places. An Indian food stand and a Chinese food stand. The Chinese one (Lotus Leaf) was quite tempting since I lo to make and eat oriental foods but then I saw Yo!Sushi. Japanese cuisine, I thought! That’s something I’ve not tried before! A lot of Japanese restaurants have a Kaiten system which is where food is put on a conveyor belt around the store. You take whatever interests you and when you’re finished the plates, which are colour-coded depending on price, are counted up. I had only seen this system in a restaurant in Heathrow though I don’t remember the name (EDIT: It was Yo!Sushi) . I was really keen to properly see this conveyor belt system. But that wasn’t the most interesting thing. The amount of choice I had left me spoilt for choice. I chose a Prawn Yakisoba. It was also a really interesting cultural experience since there were a lot of Japanese people eating there. I learnt how to use chopsticks from a really nice member of staff and spent a good two hours there even though I only ate one plate. This got me hooked- In a good way. From then on I didn’t eat from a fast food chainfor a very long time. It’s that good!

Nowadays whenever I go to Westfield and I want to eat, I choose Yo!Sushi because it’s that good! I’m always keen to try new dishes there when I can and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. If you do want to try Yo!Sushi there are two branches I recommend.



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