minecraft on a horseMinecraft is a sandbox/survival game where you can do pretty much anything you want. If you are more of the builder type then try the creative mode where all the items are infinite, you can’t die, mobs don’t notice you, you can fly and you can break any block in one hit. However, for those of you who are more adventurous there is the survival mode which means that you have a food bar and you have to survive by finding all of the items, fight the mobs and beat the Ender Dragon.

In Minecraft there is also a multi-player mode where you can go and build with other people and you can have different game modes as well. Some of those game modes are: creative, where you can build anything you like.  For example: Skyblock, where you have to survive using the few materials that you get in a storage chest on your island, PVP (meaning Player Vs Player) which means that you have to build a base and make a faction with your friends and kill other people for fun.

Minecraft also has a lot of mods that you can add to your game, some are legal and are used in servers while others are not accepted on servers and can get you banned. Some of the legal ones are optifine which usually should boost FPS on Minecraft and make it with better graphics but the less legal ones are ones like X-ray or Nodus which let you use unfair advantages such as hit people in pvp without looking at them, see ores and other precious materials underground and more. There are good and bad NPC’s, some of the good ones include bats and villagers that trade with you. However the bad ones such as the creeper, skeleton, zombie or the enderman will try to kill you by shooting you, hitting you and even exploding next to you. You are able to defend yourself you can mine ores like iron, diamond, gold or coal and you can use it to make armour and weapons.

Minecraft is a good game and I think that it has just got the downside of bad graphics but otherwise it is a very good game. Though some may argue that this is the point of the game, I think that the game could be enhanced by better graphics.  The thing I like about Minecraft is that you can do anything in the sandbox world, you can build survive or do anything. However I don’t like the fact that it has bad graphics and that the updates are not so fast to come on and that some of the time it lags. It’s a great game and in my opinion, deserves good marks.


Teodor Pelteshki

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