Liverpool’s disgraceful (2-2 3-2 in penalties) win against Cardiff City proved that not all Premier League teams are better than lower divisions.

The game ended in the way it began, with Cardiff City proving to be the more intelligent side by scoring first. With this early goal it seemed that Cardiff City had a chance to claim the cup. Their flimsy dreams where shattered when Liverpool scored in second half by Skertel.

The same score line dragged on, building up the crowd’s anticipation of a goal. As the distant whistle of the referee blew precisely the end of the ninety minutes, a cold, dark quiver shivered across the stadium; all fans on either side were to re-experience a heart-racing 30 minutes of extra time.

As extra time took place the crowd cheered on their side with the little hope they had left. The players half tired, slugged on but the pace of the game lagged; the 1st was more or less an interesting lullaby. But the 2nd half was when the action really kicked off. The match finally picked up flare when both coaches gave their players some very colourful words. The possession for the second half of the extra time was given to the Premier League side Liverpool.

At the 17th minute Dirk Kuyt, the Liverpool mid-fielder, scored. This goal was more of a mistake than a targeted shot. This did not matter to the fans; like a Moses leading them out of Egypt, Dirk Kuyt had given them what they had wanted for so long, the supposed salvation for the Cup. These hopes as strong as the   tiered grass were broken, when the goal was equalised as a result of a mistake from the same man. Cardiff City player Ben Turner placed the ball between the legs of Dirk Kuyt while Dirk Kuyt was falling, a mistake. The last dying minutes passed by with the fans feeling no better than they did at the beginning of the match.

Finally it came to a penalty shoot out, something all players dread and fans despise. Steven Gerrard won the right for his team to start first and took the first penalty kick. Steven Gerrard shot and the goal keeper saved, as simple as 123. Cardiff City player Miller hit the bar, but Liverpool player Adam hit nothing at all. Whittingham, the Cardiff City player, was the first to score for Cardiff City, with the ball mightily and powerfully zoomed past Reina without a hair’s length of contact. Dirk Kuyt’s strike was so powerful it took the goalkeeper off target. Cardiff City player Gestede missed his shot by it hitting the post, but Downing the Liverpool player scored for Liverpool making the score 2-2 2-1 pens. Cowie, the Cardiff City player, next scored, with Reina not touching the ball. Glen Johnson, the true saviour for Liverpool, came to take a penalty kick, doing so by smacking the roof of the net, putting Liverpool 3-2 in pens.

Liverpool sealed the cup when A.Gerrard shot it wide without the contact of Reina. Now slow it down: Miller hit the bar, Whittingham scored passing Reina, Gestede hit the post, Cowie scored without any contact from Reina and A.Gerrard shot far wide. Reina the Liverpool goalkeeper failed to save a single goal throughout this whole penalty shootout.

Overall the game showed how poorly a Premier League team can perform against a side from a lower division.

Darlington Nwosu

About Miss Thomas

I am an English teacher at The City Academy, Hackney.

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  1. Aaron says:

    Darlington, how dare you criticise Liverpool’s win? Cardiff surprised us all when they beat one the worlds biggest team, so don’t you think it would have been hard for Liverpool to have beaten them?

    • Darlington Nwosu says:

      This statement is very incorrect, because Liverpool is a Premier League team and they shouldn’t be just about beating Cardiff City, a lower division

      • Aaron says:

        Although Cardiff City is a lower divison they’ve still done well to get in to the final of the Carling Cup. So Darlington, you are in fact incorrect.

  2. Omar says:

    Cardiff managed to go to the Carling Cup final and they only lost in penalties.

  3. lorenzowebster says:

    You two are both wrong. Firstly, Darlington did you actually watch the match? Most of these statements are incorrect. Although Liverpool just won the game they still won and that’s all that matters.

    • Darlington says:

      To be honest Lorenzo I did watch the match, but it is the standard of play that I have written about. In this way I’ve described how Liverpool won disgracefully.

  4. Aaron Owusu says:

    Lorenzo, how dare you say I am wrong. Did you even watch the match? Liverpool would have found the game hard because Cardiff beat some of the biggest teams in the premier league to get to the finals.

  5. Omar says:

    Lorenzo, I dont think you watched the match properly. In the 1st half and 2nd half liverpool were getting dominated. Cardiff deserve to win, you must be ashamed!

  6. Aaron Owusu says:

    Darlington, Liverpool did not win disgracefully rather they won in pride. Although they struggled to beat Cardiff at the end they won and that’s all that matters.

  7. Omar says:

    Aaron Owusu, it doesn’t matter if you just win, you have to play well. Beating cardiff was a big fluke! Are you sure you have Sky Sports?

  8. Darlington says:

    Aaron you are getting it twisted, Liverpool is a Premier Leauge but Cardiff City comes from a lower division team so Liverpool should have beaten Cardiff City.

  9. Aaron Owusu says:

    Omar your comment of me having Sky Sports or not is complete utter nonsense. How could I be commenting on the game if I don’t have the channel? All that matters is that Liverpool held the cup.

  10. lorenzowebster says:

    I agree with Aaron. Darlington, in a final it doesnt matter if you don’t play at your best because the end of the day liverpool have lifted a trophy. Are we all forgetting what happened to Arsenal last year. They played well but they lost. would Liverpool fans like that?

  11. Darcus says:

    What? Are you crazy? Liverpool is a club with so much history, who spent £56 Million in the last two transfer windows, and Cardiff spent less than a million! Liverpool should have won but they are terrible and that is a fact!

  12. Jiangpei says:

    Get my fact, Liverpool is terrible.

  13. lorenzowebster says:

    If Liverpool are so terrible then how come in the semi finals they beat Man City, who are the biggest spenders in Europe? Just because Liverpool played badly for one game all of you are critisizing them. Have you watched any of Liverpool’s other games?

  14. Aaron Owusu says:

    I agree with Lorenzo just because they have spent more money than Cardiff doesn’t mean they have to win and as i said and Lorenzo has said before a Liverpool at the end held the cup thats all that matters. End of

  15. Darcus says:

    Ok, where are Liverpool in the league?

  16. Aaron Owusu says:

    Darcus this is nothing to do with where they are in the league. It was in the Carling Cup so it’s a different thing altogether.

  17. lorenzowebster says:


  18. matteomsf says:

    Omar, the game wasn’t even on SkySports, it was on ITV

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